Maryland Pet Match
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Towson, MD 21284
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Our Organization


We are an all volunteer, non-profit no kill pet rescue group.  Our pets come from a range of undesirable locations where they  stand a very high risk of being euthanized or abused.  Many of our dogs and cats need special care before they can be placed in their permanent homes.  We foster all of our pets in our own homes and work with them on their medical needs as well as their socialization.  Many of our dogs have had limited or no human contact.  Others have had only negative human contact.  Our fosters work with these pets to show them that they can have a trusting, loving relationship with humans and become a loved member of a family or have a loving relationship with an individual.


In matching pets to their new homes, we evaluate the personality and the needs of the pet through our fosters, so that we can place them in a permanet home environment that will be successful for both the adopters and the pets.  Our goal is to find a home that will give our adopters and our pets a happy life together.


The funds that allow us to exist come strictly from donations.  Our adoption fees, $225 for dogs and $100 for cats, many times does not cover the vet fees, needed medications and food for the pets.